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  1. I wanted to add that the printer comes with two glass plates. - One normale glas plate - One with Buildtak Flexplate installed - 6 buildtak sheets
  2. I forgot to mention it but I do have a couple new builtak sheets for this printer. I'll include those too.
  3. I bought an Ultimaker S5 recently so I'm now selling my Ultimaker 3 Extended since I'm no longer using it. The printer is in perfect condition with all accessoires: - Power cable - Power adapter - 2x Printcore (AA 0.4 + BB 0.4) - Glass plate - Hex screw driver - Spool holder with NFC cable - New silicone nozzle cover - Oil/lube Other extensions: - Front door - Top cover (Both can easily be removed if not wanted) The printer is in very good condition with minimal usage marks I'm from Belgium
  4. Ok Phil. I’ll send you a pm 🙂 thanks!
  5. It would be nice if we can print this on the S5 without needing MJF or SLS printed parts. But I think we should be able to print this with those stronger filaments out there these days, don't you think? I would really love to see your fusion 360 files. I want to experiment with them and report back. Thanks in advance
  6. I upgraded the feeders of my S5 to Bondtech QR and I'm trying to find a way to make the flow sensor work... That's why I wanted the STL of the feeder base so I can modify it to become just a flow sensor, not a feeder. I could then just connect a bowden tube from this feeder (now only a flow sensor) to the bondtech QR feeder and it should work. The ultimaker 3 feeder is totally different and the flow sensor doesn't fit inside. I guess I can try to redesign it from scratch but it probably takes a lot of trial and error to make a good fit for the flow sensor an
  7. I need the STL for the ultimaker S5 feeder base. Is this available anywhere?
  8. I'm fighting this issue for over 3 months now and I'm still unable to print several models due to this. My distributor (Distrinova) confirmed that the issue is not an issue on my machine. They have the same issue when trying to print it on one of their Ultimaker S5 systems. They tried with different colors, different materials, it doesn't seem to help at all and they said it's very strange because every print is a little different and it seems to be random. They asked Ultimaker for advice, over a month ago, but they haven't replied so far and my distributor is out of id
  9. @SandervG Hi Sander, I answered the DM already. And yes, I'm running 5.4.24. Can you send more details on how to go back to 5.2.11?
  10. I have exactly the same issue since upgrading!
  11. I've seen it on other prints too, yes. The last couple of weeks I'm printing scaled versions of architectural models and I've seen it happen on almost every model. So I think it happens on every flat model like these...
  12. For the record: The company where I bought the S5 from also tried this print on one of their own S5 systems and they too saw the same issue. This is a picture they sent me and as you can see, the problem is clearly visible there too.
  13. Hi, Thanks for your input! There is no grinding on the filament over here. I already checked the feeders and there are no signs of damage or anything. I'm also having this issue on both feeders which should rule out one defective feeder. This, combined with the fact that other S5 owners seem to be having the same issue with my print, doesn't make me think I have a faulty/broken hardware.
  14. @DidierKlein I've tried changing many settings after seeing the issue with the default Cura (Cura 4.3.0) profile. Every setting I tried did not fix the issue so I'm back at the default Cura profile now. I'm printing with PLA in a 0.4AA core and 0.15mm layer height, default cura profile. I also tried Cura 4.4beta, no difference. On one particular print I tried increasing the print temperature (using the fine tune menu, while printing) when I saw the problem. I increased it to 15°C (by 5°C increments) before I saw some improvement but after a couple minutes the same problem appeared
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