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  1. Hello all, I had a bad experience again with Ultimaker ABS. This material is very tricky. It sometimes sticks on to the glass bed too much, and it eventually rips off the surface of the glass bed just like PETG. I have seen many of glass chipping events but not this much severe one. I hope people see these pictures and avoid the same mistake. ?
  2. Hi all, My print work has been just finished, and unfortunately, there was a chipping situation on the surface of my glass bed (I was using the Ultimaker ABS not something PETG.. but anyway.. had bad luck). I flipped over the glass bed for temporal use (, as I still need to print many more). However, I thought that I might need another glass bed eventually. I have looked local reseller, and the glass bed was out of stock. And, I cannot find the glass bed even in the official Ultimaker website. Does anyone know where I can find the glass bed? Thank you, Regards,
  3. Hello all, I'm very new to this 3d printing world. And, so I'm having many troubles with it. Here is one minor issue that I have, but cannot easily solve it myself. So, I wish to have some help. The issue is a burnt material dropping into the model. As you see in the picture, the material burnt on the nozzle, and it caused many black dots on this nGen transparent material. I know this is not the serious issues, as this is not a fail of print. However, it is very annoying since I wanted to have a clear object. The same thing happened when I used PVA. So, I suppose that I'm missing an idea to avoid this kind of problems. I'll appreciate any help. My setting parameter is like this. Layer height 0.1 Printing temp 220 Bed temp 75 Retraction Distance 4.5 Retraction Speed 45 Print Speed 50 Fan 100%
  4. Oh.. I see. Thank you for telling me about that.
  5. Hello All, I recently got my Ultimaker 3. And, I am trying to print something with PVA support. Becuase, I have seen some troubles already, I have followed recommended settings such as increasing flow from 100% to 120%. The printing process itself seems ok except unexpectedly dirty bed (due to strings dropped). However, one big concern of mine is burning material on BB hotend unit. As I mentioned, it prints as normal. However, by the time, the burnt PVA builds up the thicker coating on the outside of the nozzle. Is there any way to avoid this situation? I am printing with PVA for the first time in my 3d printing experience, and I do not want to lose my BB unit after I only use one time.
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