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  1. For all those who care, I managed to fix it by putting in M105(report temperature in between/right before M190 and M109. What I want to know is why everytime Cura changes versions do I have to change, delete, modify or otherwise add extra gcode? Really screws you up and makes me not too keen to upgrade
  2. So I have been out of the cura game for a while, last used 3.6 and everything was fine. I get the new cura 4.2 and use my same start gcode and my print starts (it seems to heat bed, waits till bed is heated, then does home of all axis fine, then starts heating extruder and when heated it just starts extruding and lcd says printing but it just starts extruding in the middle of the bed without any x, Y, or z movement. Is it my start gcode? It seems to skip my whole prime and start wipe procedure and position and go right into printing but only extruder is moving in the center of the bed. Any
  3. Could you try replacing C:\Program Files\Cura 3.0\resources\shaders\grid.shader with this file: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Ultimaker/Cura/1313e01f04838ac0a2d83b332dc57b6f5db0b87c/resources/shaders/grid.shader thanks to github fieldofview for the fix, since ultimaker forums seem to not care
  4. Same issue. There is same topic named "Cura 3.0.3 won't open" already posted without any resolution for people with issues. Guess won't be using new cura for a while or ever. Sad...
  5. Im still having an issue. 2.7 works fine but 3.0.3 doesnt. I posted log above but here is newest one after doing all this. Deleted appdata from both local and roaming, uninstalled, ccleaned directories and registry, reinstalled with same issue. Can anyone look at my log and help pleaseee. Im missing out on all the new fun stuff with 3.0. Thanks Cura log from "local" https://www.scribd.com/document/362122251/Cura-log-txt stdder log from "roaming" https://www.scribd.com/document/362122194/stderr-log-txt
  6. Did same thing. deleted every instance of cura in program files, appdata and anywhere else I can find. Updated all windows 7 updates so everything is up to date but keep getting same thing. Only thing I can think of is something in the log. The log has multiple errors about loading: "ERROR - UM.Logger.logException" if you look in the log I posted above. Windows event viewer has some error about office .dll that has something to do with Intel graphics but that is updated also with same Cura error. Is any one else with errors using an integrated Intel Graphics Chip? maybe that is the iss
  7. I have same issue. So I deleted all the Appdata from local and roaming and the Cura then progresses a little farther into opening, which it didnt do before. It now opens but then when I try to select a printer type or even try to create a custom type it crashes again. Same as before. If i close the printer selection I can get to the cura interface but without anything else because printer isnt defined yet. Anyone have any ideas for that? I uploaded my cura.log from appdata/roaming cura 3.0 folder if it help Cura log
  8. @gr5, It would be 80°. I believe the default is 45°, but I have mine set to 50° all the time and go higher sometimes as you suggest to reduce unnecessary support. Maybe at some point Cura will allow modification of support directly. I'm not ready to cough up the dough for S3D yet. Cura is so good (and getting better all the time) it is hard for me to justify. Im using my college library printer so have limited access to nozzle size and stuff. the 1st print failed 3/4 way through. they said the the nozzle was moving but no filament was coming out, but was not clogged. It could ha
  9. Hey all I am trying to print a large print, 30+ hours. Everything I try to print it, it fails halfway through. The extruder keeps moving but no filament is coming out/printing. . Yet the nozzle is not clogged and filament is not tangled, proven by trying to print another small object directly after the failed print and it printed fine. Is it because the print is long,? . Is there other settings I need to modify for longer prints?
  10. Yeah as soon as I looked at that orientation further I realized it was was ridiculously worse than the previous. The project part that this print is due next week but I will try and fast learn the MM tutorial, if cant figure it out then the stock Cura supports it is. Preview looks like this. Again GR5 and everyone else, thanks for your help, you guys are awesome.
  11. I'm having it printed by my local college and the person in charge of printing won't do it without supports so instead of messing with designing stuff and adding supports what about this orientation? Then no bridge, supports, etc? Only question gr5, the printer is more than big enough to print 188mm high but is there any stability issues you can think of by printing in this orientation?
  12. Thanks for all the support! I think I will go for the 2nd orientation.nn Anyone can direct me on how or knows how to easily add a few of those "tree" supports in Blender? I basically just took that model and modified the scale so am a little useless with adding/designing. Or what about the 1st layer thickness idea but also/or adding brims to the 4 legs, would that would better? If I print at 0.30mm layer thickness, the 1st layer thickness should be about 0.27mm thickness right? from what I was reading? Thanks again, you guys are awesome!!!!
  13. Hi all, I'm new to the Ult 2 and have a large print but before I waste 24+ hours and 200+g of material I am wondering which is the best orientation to print this object. I was thinking just like it would normally be used in real life, upright with the 4 legs on the base. but then I was worried about tipping and thought maybe to orient it on its long side as the base? any recommendations? Thanks again [/media]
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