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  1. Thank you for the quick response! I do hear a bit of crackling when it switches to the PVA nozzle (so maybe it has absorbed some moisture). It seems like the nozzle leeks about 1-2mm while it's not printing (image below). We attempted the prime tower before, and it wasn't too much of a help (as it toppled over), but I'll try the different location. Attached are images of the model after the PVA dissolved. The geometry is pretty lean, but those interruptions of the PLA are pretty apparent. We had printed the model only with a PLA support, and that turned out much cleaner, but we are still try
  2. Hello all, This may be a question that has been answered before, but I was not able to find an exact answer to our issue. We just got an Ultimaker 3Extended and are trying to print with PVA and white PLA, but are not able to print successfully with the PVA supports. The print always comes out with fly away print "hairs" and the PVA material interrupts the PLA print, ruining the finished product. Below are some example images. We've tried reducing the PVA suggested temperature by 5 degrees to 220, and set the retraction distance to 6, but neither seems to help. Could this be an issue with
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