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  1. Thanks, the "Expand Skins Into Infill" option seems to fix it
  2. Hi, I made a test model where I imported an octagonal pin with a hole in the middle (Cham10mmhexholepeg.stl from thing:1692326) into FreeCAD and then mounted it on top of a cube. When slicing this some weird artefacts appear on the top surface of the cube where the pin attached. In the layer preview there are some holes and also places where infill intersects with the top layer. As far as I can tell my model is solid and watertight and fine in every other respect I know how to check It also seems to slice OK in slic3r 1.2.9. For reference, here are my files: press_fit_test_pin_cura.gcode, press_fit_test_pin.stl, press_fit_test_pin.fcstd Am I doing something wrong, is the expected behaviour, or a bug?
  3. Aah, thanks for finding it, I guess my work is done for now
  4. I have confirmed that the under-extrusion is a slicer issue by also slicing the same model with slic3r 1.2.9. With slic3r the walls are solid with no gaps visible. Should I make a bug report, or have I done something silly? Thanks Neilen
  5. Hi, It seems like Cura 2.5 (I have not checked other versions) is slicing in under-extrusion on some walls, see the transition circled in red in the image: layer view By the way, Cura 2.5's layer view is awesome for showing this :)I saw gaps between the walls on my actual print, which is what made me investigate. What I see in my physically printed object matches the layer view pretty well, i.e. the wall lines that appear solidy connected in the layer view also seem solid in the print, and th ones that look underextruded in the layer view have gaps. I wanted to attach my cura project, but it seems that the forum does not allow this, but I cannot really imagine what I could have done to cause this ;)The model is from this thing: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1784375
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