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  1. The above posters answer about holding CTRL to move the other body worked for me as well. I agree about that other answer being frustrating. I did the same as you but suppressed instead of deleted one body and than the other. It didn't work that way either. BUT, I'm glad we got these parts to work.
  2. This was my issue. Thank you! I had to merge first and then scale down. Thank you!!
  3. Thank you for your response. However, the horizontal expansion setting is already at 0. It cannot go any lower. Also, when I looked up what that setting actually did, it says that is allows the user to adjust the size of your 3D print in the X/Y dimension to compensate for the change in size that happens when the plastic shrinks as it cools. I don't think it has anything to do with the PVA material supporting the PLA material around the outside of the part. Am I reading that right?
  4. Ok. I will try and word this the best that I can. I have a straight pipe. I need PVA support structures because I have a cone with several throughholes inside the straight pipe. However, the PVA not only places itself in my overhangs on the inside of the pipe but for some reason PVA wraps itself completely around the outside of the pipe as if there was an overhang at the top of the pipe but there's not. This is a complete waste of PVA material. The kicker is, if I change the support structure material to PLA, there are no support structures on the outside of the pipe. I've attached the two p
  5. Have we found a cure or fix? I just started having this problem in Cura 2.5 and I can't save any of my files because of it.
  6. Hi. I just received my Ultimaker 3 yesterday and I set it up last night. I created a part that has PLA and PVA support. I'm sitting it in a bath of hot water and it just gets gooey. Is there a better way to remove the support material? I stuck in the bath almost 3 hours ago and there's still a lot left. I'm at work. Should I get a fish tank with a heater in it to keep the water warm? There isn't a pressure washer here so I can't do that. There's got to be a better way right? Thanks in advance. Rachel
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