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  1. Thanks tomnagel for the reply. Via the ipadres/temprature i seems normal, stable enough for normal printing.
  2. Hi Sander, thanks for the reply. Normally I clean the nozzle but most of the times 9/10 it isn't clogged... the pattern seems to be random. It seems to be underextruding, when I set the material flow higher it doesnt help anything, the problem is the same... underextruding. The feeder isn't grinding up the material, the pressure is fine, just like the example on the site. The front and side fans are runing, after cleaning they sound normal but the problem remains. Kind regards, Sjors
  3. I need your help guys! The Ultimaker 3 extended seems to have a problem and I don't know what it is. The printer seems to clog/underextrude but once I start an other print it starts printing fine again. I cleaneed the hot-end a couple of times (hot and cold pulling), the feeder had the correct pressure, the bowden tube is clean, tried an other hot-end, checked the thermometer via the maintenance menu, the z-distance is correct and I'm running out of options of what is wrong.... I tested PLA and nylon and both have the same problem. (both from ultimaker) The print settings are the recomended for the materials (so stock) Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks for your response, I did and they send me a profile to work with. But nothing seems to work. For now I'm printing the PC-Max part with PC-Max support, that works sort off...
  5. Does anyone have experience with printing the model in PC-Max and suport-material in PVA? I'm using the Ultimaker 3 Extended... The PVA and PC-Max won't stick together, can somebody help me? (Must be printed in PC or PC-max) Kind regards, Sjors
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