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  1. Hi, my Ultimaker 2 extended is suddenly not heating up the heatbed to the expected temperature. The bed temperature stops randomly between 30° and 45° when it should go up to 80°. When I lower the bed temperature to the actual C° and heat up the nozzle, that the print can start, the bed heats up as normally did before and the wheel for manual choice of bed temperature does work again... This is strange...anybody an idea, whats going on and how to fix it? Thanks in advance, BR Thorsten
  2. great work! Would like to try it, but Its just a picture to download, no 3d files?
  3. Believe it or not .... I read somewhere that problems with reading process from SD Card could cause stops ...I had no compressed air...so I simply blew a few times in the sd Slot without hoping to cause something else than shortcutting something with spitting in it ;-) ..... The dammed Printer is working now for a day without any Problem... lets see, what error happens next...
  4. https://workupload.com/file/4gRpWDB Videolink above Hi, for whatever reason the ultimaker ii Extended stops suddenly in the middle of every print. The Printer did work fine for the last days without any Problem. Anyone an idea?
  5. Hi, since changing the heat bed to the newer version -the old one had a wire broken next to the glas - the ultimaker 2 extended is always starting with a heat bed error ...resistance is measured and fine. What is really strange, is the hard cracking noise, thats coming together with the error message. Please turn sound on for the video. After turning off and on in most cases it works fine. Any idea??
  6. soul4u

    Heat bed error

    Hallo, bei unserem Ultimaker 2 extended habe ich das Heizbett ausgetauscht, da beim alten die Anschlüsse am Bett abgebrochen waren. Das neue Bett hat die ersten Tage einwandfrei funktioniert , nun kommt beim Start regelmäßig ein mechanisches lautes Knacken, als ob etwas die Spindel für die Z Achse blockieren würde, dann gleichzeitig die Meldung heat bed error. Wenn ich den Widerstand messe, ist alles okay und nach einem Neustart gehts dann meistens auch wieder. Jemand eine Idee dazu?
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