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  1. Sorry for the late answer, I finally got the time to test your solution and it is working ! Thanks a lot! K
  2. Any update on your looooooonnnnngggg print of this thread? I did more tests and it still doesn't work! I kind of in a need of a print guru K
  3. Hello, Thanks for the reply! I tried with the smallest possible thickness (0.06mm). As the pitch is 1mm, even 0.1mm should not be a problem. Attached is a picture of a thread for a M12 (pitch > 1mm). This comes from Thingverse Yet ANOTHER Machine Vise. Several (more than 100) people have successfully printed this. You can see clearly that on the right of the picture, the thread seems really nice, while on the left this is not the case. This effect is even stronger on smaller diameters but I do not have a picture here (I could provide one Monday). For the art presented on the picture
  4. Hello, I am a satisfied recent owner of a UM3 extended. For one of our projects, we need to print a thread (M6 in my case but it doesn't matter). So I draw a M6 thread on a nut and a bolt and did a test print. At first it didn't work and I thought that it was because the thread pitch was too small (1 mm). Therefore, I increased the thread pitch to 1.5mm (not a standard anymore but because we are printing both bolts and nuts, this is not an issue). And again, it was not working. I told myself that it could have been because of a bad drawing so I downloaded a model from youmagine, print it and
  5. Hello, Everything is in the title. When I start the AppImage in Fedora 25, I got the following error message: Any idea on how to solve this? Thanks, K
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