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  1. So I have been having a problem with my printer where the first two layers or so are almost perfect and then the layers start to get messed up and it even jams every time around the halfway mark of the 3rd layer and im not sure if it has to do with this weird layering issue. Im also not sure how to upload a picture to this website since im still new but i can give all of the settings I use PLA layer height: .1mm wall thickness: .8mm top bottom thickness: 1mm infill 25% speed: 40mm/s temp:225 bed temp: 50c fan off retract length:4.5mm retract speed: 25mm/s supports with infill density of 80% no build plate adhesion Also I dont think its the extruder being jammed because the first two layer are pretty good if not perfect and then as soon as it hits the third layer I start running into issues If anyone can help me figure this out I would love to have this good to go but I have only been printing for a few days so Im relatively new and I maybe doing this all wrong. (wouldnt be surprised)
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  3. Hello, So i just got this Ultimaker 2 + extended printer and I went through the start up process with no problem but when I downloaded cura and updated the printer with the correct version the printers feeder started running backwards and I can not fix it whether its factory resetting it or retrying to update the printer and I have no idea what to do. Also I bought it from a person on ebay so I have no clue what they were doing with it before but it seemed to run fine until I updated it with cura. if anyone can help me that would be very helpful thanks
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