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  1. The support extruder is 2 but I don't have it checked off in the settings which is weird.
  2. I feel silly because I was looking there and I didn't see it then, but I do now. Thanks! /facepalm
  3. Here's a file I know it did it on. It seems to happen right after the first layer goes down from Extruder 1 completes, then it switches to 2 for some reason, does a pass around the skirt then goes back to 1 and keeps on printing. Thank you for taking a look at this! Much appreciated! ghost_white3.gcode
  4. Can I raise the temp of a nozzle to clean the outside of it? I don't see anything in the firmware or Cura 3.1 that would allow me to just heat the nozzle. I am using an UM3
  5. I checked the prime tower and that wasn't on either.
  6. I am using Cura 3.1 and Extruder 1 is set for the build plate adhesion. Hence why I'm confused. It did it like after about 30 min into the print. Just very weird. I think it did it yesterday too because I was finding these burnt pieces on my plate like that had fallen off because when Extruder 2 was going the PVA filament was just curling and sticking to the nozzle.
  7. I have an UM3 and I don't use the 2nd extruder often, but I just noticed that during my print (of a single color print) my UM3 acted like it was changing materials (when it goes in the corner and starts to extrude) then did a lap around the skirt, then changed back to extruder 1 and kept on printing. Anyone know what that's about? Is that normal and have I just never noticed it before?
  8. No surface stick, just using a new piece of glass. Bed temp 60, PLA, temp 205 (I believe) I'm not at my computer.
  9. I am constantly having issues with the first layer warping and bubbling. Any suggestions? Picture is what the bottom looks like when it's done.
  10. I switched from red to white filament and even after 2 prints some of my prints have a light pink tint to them. Any suggestions? I am using 3D universe filament.
  11. Did some more digging today, check out this article: http://www.3dprintingforum.us/viewtopic.php?t=650
  12. Well my first layer looked like yours but not as bad. But when the nozzle travels, all this extra filament comes out and makes strings. I manually leveled and I still have this issue. I sent my temp all the way to 200c and I was still having this problem. Of course when I email MatterHackers, they say the print looks great! :/
  13. I think I am having the same problem. Does it seem like your extruder is melting the plastic too much to where it's stringing real bad on the first layer? Are you also getting stringing really bad in the middle of your print too? I just got an UM3 so I have only used Cura 2.5
  14. I have horrible travel ooze that go across my finished prints and when it's laying down the first layer. I have attached pics and my settings. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm using Verbatim PLA, which is supposed to be good.
  15. Wow really?? Should I return this?? Doesn't seem worth it for the price.
  16. Just received my new Ultimaker 3 and am having a whole mess of issues, but the current one is brim warping, first layer wrinkling and regular warping when I don't print a brim. I mean with a heated bed, I should not be having these issues fresh out of the box. Not for $3500. Anyone experienced this issue?
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