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  1. I have built a little 3D corner object to test the alignment of my UMO. Interestingly, the print is strongly tilted x-direction in the bottom layers (3mm) only, the y-direction looks fine. I have already strongly tightened the pulleys as recommended in older posts. This effect appeared from one day of happy printing to the other... I am curious to learn your interpretation why this tilt is so much z-dependent. Thank you, Mattias
  2. I had a similar "problem": the LCD was unreadable when I started heating up. After a short while the error message "Heating failed" showed up in the LCD, which was actually not true because the extrusion head got really hot. Only then I noticed that the blue LED on the extrusion head was off, and it was obviously a connection problem. I had not properly engaged the strain relief on the extrusion head, and previously the bowden tube had detached from the head and pulled the red/yellow/black connector out of the mini PCB. So no temp reading and no LED. I assume the missing temp made the machine put a lot of power into the heating so the LCD started flickering.
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