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  1. Tnx for that !

    Now, I am only looking for the costs related to the printer if it is effectively printing 50% of all time available for, well three years.

    Costs per part will of course include this rate, multiplied by the time the part is on the printer. Other cost wil be added, like material costs, design costs etc.

    So, for me its currently only the hourly rate that matter.


    I see these elements

    1. Price of the machine minus remaining value after effective usage (E2k)
    2. Period of effective usage, like 3 years (3 x 8.765hrs)
    3. % effectively used time for printing, like 50% (pretty high for an Ultimaker I guess, but let's start with this; 3 x 8.765 x 50%=13.150hrs)
    4. Reservartion for repais, incl sapare parts (E1.000?)
    5. Power costs (I prefer to use an average value here and invclude it in the hourly rate, in stead of relating this to what is actually printed; it's easier calculating; E 0,50/hr?)
    6. ...




  2. To align objects as you wish, they need to be adjusted in your 3D package so that they all share a common pivot point.

    Once in Cura, load each model part separately. Then click on a part and then, in the tab on the left side, click on the icon that looks like 3 hour glasses.

    This is your 'per model' settings. You can select each extruder per model as well as select most other settings that would be found in the custom tab.  Speed, support, etc. Remember that most can use the common settings, so be sure that you do not overly replicate the settings.

    Once all model parts have their individual settings, then select by holding down shift and clicking on each model, or use CTRL+A (Select all) or use the select all option in the edit drop down. After that, then (with all model parts still selected) go back to the edit drop down and choose "Merge Models". this will align all selected model parts and use the pivot point to align them and then group them.

    To adjust the settings, if you change your mind or think of something, you have to ungroup (In the Edit drop down) and then make your change(s). Then you go back and merge them again.

    Tnx !

    However, as well as select most other settings that would be found in the custom tab  ... what is to you the custom tab ?   The setting that are specific for each individual extruder ?

  3. I like to design support structures in Rhino and Magics. Once I have finished them, I usually import them into a build processor to create the print files (incl metal printers, like 3DS ProX300 and SLM280).

    Now I like to print on an Ultimaker 2 or 3, with support material in the second extruder.

    QUESTION: how to import my support structures in Cura ? As regular object, however assigning 2nd extruder ?

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