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  1. The problem has been solved! Apparently the short belts I replaced where not good, so after using the original ones and tightening the feeder tension screw it has been solved. Now the model is symmetrical and there is no underextrusion left. Thank you for your help!
  2. thank you for your reply. I tried different speeds and tightened the feeder tension screw. However, the infill of the print still doesn't always touches the perimeter (see image) The print in the image is printed with a temperature of 220 degrees, a speed of 30 mm/s and layer height of 150 microns. Another thing I noticed is that the fillet on the bottom left is rounder than on the right, whereas the model is supposed to be symmetrical...
  3. Hi, For already a long time I have some troubles with printing "perfect" surfaces. I have uploaded a few images to illustrate the problem. I tried several things to solve this, but no result. I am a bit lost at this point. I tried: - Tightening the short belts (also installed new ones) - Tightening the long belts - Lubricating the rods with sewing machine oil - Trying different settings (wall thicknesses, temperature, infill, speed, top thickness etc.) However, no improvements. I hope there are some other things I can try to fix this. Thank you..
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