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  1. Hello, again to return to the topic, here it is not a real case, even if the question is worded as if someone needs help. I have therefore als the topic only as a request for dicussion. This is of course a technically possible solution has to be taken into consideration. For who is because even his UMO+, just because a driver is defective, his UMO+ such piles. Because it would be an easy to obtain a new driver and have to replaced. This would however is much cheapter and with less work. If I only think that all of the connection cable to the connector board with new cells(plugs) must be assig
  2. Hello to the unknown seeking help, I have now once again all possiblities into consideration and come to the decision that GT2560 only in a UMO can be implemented, but even then the temperature sensors hat to be replaced, the UMO are thermo couple(TC ad595 or 597) installed, which must be exchanged against PT100K, so that it corresponds to the GT2560. Then it should work and it can definitely an additional extruder and a heating bed with operate. Provided it is the appropiate power supply avaiable. But to the Marlin firmware on the GT2560 to get, since you have some tricks. Because it does
  3. Hello amedee, thank you for your feedback. Because of the temperature sensors, i have my post edited. I also think that it will be difficult, but there should be a test value. It ist not my UMO+, but he belongs to the writer (the man needs help or the man of Help), which this thread has started. I am a 73 year old pensioner and I bought a used UMO. I will now "bring to front man" ( a german saying), that is either set or modify something correctly. A heated bed is not excluded, but he is still on the way to me, so I am waiting time as I the thing to run(print) would bring. So now I wis
  4. Hello SandervG, thank you for the nice post. Would like to quickly make the translations to enable all readers understand. I hope the automatic translation makes it almost correct. I have written in German the following: Hello, i prefer to write in German, since I can better. Unfortunately, thr unknow reader now with the translation effort. If Ardino IDE has checked the program and it is uploaded to the board, then you can still somewhat in the program is not correct and it results in a different pinout etc ... Is to ensure that the power supply is working and that the correct voltage arri
  5. I am again, I have a free internet translaters are selected and my idea again refreshed. Thank you for the welcome. Now to the problem. Hello, you have now a UMO+ with one geeetech main/motherboard GT2560. In the UMO+ was previously a UM-Board V2.1.1_(x1), for Marlin must now be informed in wich board is used. As the first of the processor is selected, here ATmega 2560, then for general ultimaker is the index 7, otherwise 71 or 72. For example: #define BOARD_ULTIMAKER 7 or #define BOARD_ULTIMAKER_OLD 71 (old electr. 1.5.4 etc..) or #define BOARD_ULTIMAIN_2
  6. Hallo, ich schreibe lieber in Deutsch, da kann ich mich besser ausdrücken. Leider muß sich der unbekannte Leser nun mit der Übersetzung bemühen. Wenn Arduino IDE das Programm überprüft hat und es ist auf das Board hochgeladen, dann kann immer noch etwas im Programm nicht in Ordnung sein und es ergibt sich eine andere Pin-Belegung etc .... Ist sichergestellt, daß die Stromversorgung funktioniert und die richtige Spannung auf dem Board ankommt. Sind die Sicherungen in Ordnung ? Das Board hat zwei getrennte Strom-Eingänge. Sind beide richtig angeschlossen ? Selbst wenn mit der Hardware a
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