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  1. You sir, are my knight in shining armour - thank you!
  2. If you managed to find some time I'd obviously be the first in line to test it out of course! And I completely understand about the github issues/pull requests - easy to get bogged under in such app developments! thanks for your ears @bagel-orb
  3. oh hey! and apologies! i swear the title said 3.2 late last night - sorry about that I'm actually already using Cura-3.2.1. It looks and feels very professional compared to other slicers which will remain nameless My problem with the current scheme of no retractions with support-to-support travels (along with other peoples complaints) is that some of the time the strings detach - then the fan blows them around they get caught in the main print and stick there - this seems to happen multiple times and makes post-print clean up a fiddly nightmare, especially on delicate pri
  4. +1 to this... I'm going through and testing different slicing products and this is exact issue killed my first test prints :(
  5. I'm going to go ahead and +1 this thread... So messy looking and makes printing small/delicate parts very hard to print
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