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  1. oh hey!  and apologies!  i swear the title said 3.2 late last night - sorry about that

    I'm actually already using Cura-3.2.1.  It looks and feels very professional compared to other slicers which will remain nameless :p 


    My problem with the current scheme of no retractions with support-to-support travels (along with other peoples complaints) is that some of the time the strings detach - then the fan blows them around they get caught in the main print and stick there - this seems to happen multiple times and makes post-print clean up a fiddly nightmare, especially on delicate prints.


    My current work around that I'm formulating is to make those strings bulkier somehow - so they can't detach.  Or avoid supports completely and use meshmixer to create them.


    I guess my question would be - is there space/time/energy in the Cura development to add "retractions with support-to-support travels" but as a choice to the user (with the default settings as the current released so it doesn't trip anyone up!)


    I ask this, as it was not hard to find multiple posts about this problem :(  




    edit:  i see the original post was from 2016!  apologies again!  i promise to not post so late next time!

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