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  1. I have an U3E currently printing large part duel extrusion. If i go into the settings and increase the print spead, do i also have to increase both cores extrusion/feed rate by same amount? Or does it do it automatically?
  2. I have an U3E currently printing large part duel extrusion. If i go into the settings and increase the print spead, do i also have to increase both cores extrusion/feed rate by same amount? Or does it do it automatically?
  3. I'm using Ultimakrr PVA on my U3 BB core. Recently as it discharges I notice its more flakey and whiter than normal. Also I hear cracking sounds as it hits the heated bed. What could be the cause? Too hot core temp maybe? Although it's on recommended settings. Regards Karam
  4. In cleaning my U3 feeder I lost the tension screw altogether (still got the spring) What options do i have? I need to print with both cores urgently. Regards Kaz
  5. Thanks. However the ABS in using is from ultimaker. I'll be surprised if they have mixed it. Do u know if this is something they do? The data sheet only says ABS with no mix
  6. I'm trying to smooth my ABS print with Acetone vapour but its not working. The ABS just softens and bleached white is some places. Any ideas? I'm using black Ultimaker original ABS filament.
  7. Wish ultimaker would include this function on their next firmwere update. Its pretty standard now on other machines
  8. Karam

    U3 HIPS core?

    I have an ultimaker 3 and wanting to try a foreign HIPS filament. What core type should i use, BB or AA? regards karam
  9. Sorry yes i meant 250 degrees (typo) I feel there is just too much burnt material stuck inside. As i remove the needle small amounts of burnt material comes out. I have this over a dozen times and still burnt material comes out All out of ideas im afraid.
  10. Hi During hot pull, yes the pla material does melt at the tip. I must stress that only around 1mm of the tip melts. In addition when i pull it out, it aplears blunt. I.e. not sharp. There is not burn marks on it. During hot pull i set the temp to 150 to 175 degrees. I do not have any polycarbonate to use unfortunatly. I am happy to send you pics of the hot pull results. My email is karambadaoui@yahoo.com.au.
  11. Hi, Yes i contacted them. They suggested to buy a new bb core. They said "there is no ultimate repair for print cores" I am really out of ideas, appreciate any more corrective suggestions. Regards Karam
  12. HI Guys, Thank you for all the suggestions. I have tried them all however my bb core remains clogged. Using the fine needle, did managed to puncture the hole. However for some reason the PVA filament cannot extrude at all when feeding. Also, I have had no success with the hot pull method, no PLA filament ever extrudes. In addition I have noticed only a small part of the PLA material actually being melted under the hot and cold pull methods. i.e. only 1 to 2 mm of PLA material appears to be melting under these methods. I have repeated the hot and cold pull together with needle puncture methods repeatedly, however still no results. Appreciate any more suggestions. I have avoided trying to dismantle the BB core so far. Regards Karam
  13. Hi Thanks for the reply. I have not disasembled the bb core. In my original message i meant to say that i tried both the "hot pull" and the "cold pull" methods to clean the bb core with no success. If you refer the ultimakr website for instructions on the "hot pull" method, you will see item 6 has two pictures. First a dirty pla filament and second a clean one. The point im making is that even when trying the hot pull and cold pull methods the pla material remains clean (second picture). And no, it does not extrude pla material , it is significantly clogges. Do you have any other suggestions for unclogging my bb core? Thanks.
  14. Hi, My U3 BB core is clogged. I have only used it with PVA however have not used it for around 1 month. I suspect moisture has gotten into the PVA material contributing to the clog. I have tried the two cleaning cleaning methods (Atomic Method and cold) numerously however it does not budge. Its still clogged. During the Atomic method the temp PLA material comes out clean (no burn marks) Can someone please provide advise on how to remedy the clog. Regards Karam
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