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  1. Update - It prints perfectly with PLA. The material I've been using is more flexible, but has been printing just fine on our other printer.
  2. Hey guys, I'm having some issues with what looks like underextrusion (I'm still relatively new so could be something else) on my UM3. The lab I'm working at has been using our first UM3 for over a month and I've had some really solid results on it. We just bought a second one that I set up yesterday to start printing. Using all of the same exact settings I haven't been able to even come close to replicating the quality of prints from our first printer. Here is what the part looks like coming off the new printer. Should be a solid wall cylinder. I've played with the feeder spring tension and gone through the hot/cold pull sequence for checking the nozzle. Can someone help me out? Thanks in advance
  3. Hey guys, I'm printing with AA 0.4 and BB 0.4 (TPU 95A and PVA respectively) on the UM3. The first couple of weeks I used the printer things were looking really good. No issues besides some humidity/moisture stuff that I'm working on remedying. Now when I print with both materials I'm getting a lot of extra extrusion on whichever nozzle is supposed to be inactive. Creates a glob of material that then gets dragged around the print bed and generally gets stuck on my part(s) ruining the print in one fell swoop. I've tried messing with some retraction settings, but that didn't seem to help. Anyone else experiencing this? Any ideas on fixing it? Thanks for the help!
  4. Hey guys, I'm trying to print a tall mostly cylindrical object. It has a slightly uneven bottom so I want to have PVA support structure for the first 10 layers or so, but after that I don't need them. Is there a way to have the support print for a finite number of layers and then stop?
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