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  1. We have an Ultimaker 3 und I use Cura 2.5 to slice the models. On my local Laptop, I have a 3D-powered Machine with nvidia-open-gl-card. There I can use this view with Material Color: On another Laptop, where is just CPU-Graphics from Intel inside, this view is not offered. The Drop-Down-Menue to switch between “Material Color” and “Line Type” is not available. Is this just available with 3D Graphics card? All Tests with Windows 7 64bit Professional and Enterprise. Alexander
  2. For me on Windows 7 64bit Enterprise and Professional, on a Laptop with, without 3D-Card and on a Workstation with Nvidia-Card all work fine!
  3. SUCESS!!! Hi, after the weekend and just restarting the 4,5 day job on tuesday, the job finally worked. Sorry I cannot show the final picture yet. But it worked. 6mm interfaces created with triangle-support and 5mm wifth on 20mm with triangle made out of PLA. Going with a 0.4mm nozzle and 0.3mm to the edge. But it can work, after some trials. Looking forward in repeating the job with a 0.8mm nozzle in two months. Thx for your replies. Makeing a higher temperature was also one of my Ideas. But before doing addidional tries and changes I first wanted to get here an impression about other experience with such high build up volumes. From my point of view, Model 190x190x270mm with 0.8 to 1.6mm thick walls, mainly flat also in 90° angle to the vert, can work. Alex
  4. Hi, We want to use the hole Printing Room in our Ultimaker 3 Extended. I tried now several times to print a huge Part (190mmW x 180mm L x 267mm H) It is a model designt with a lot of thin walls (0.8mm - 2.4mm) and has overhangs which are horizontal an need support. I would need 900g of PVA, so I used PVA only in the Interface Regions which I made 6mm thick. To go down with running times below 1 Week, I used 0.3mm layer thickness. But quality is bad. Does anybody has good settings for huge parts with 0.3mm thickness that work? Or is it necessary to use 0.2mm layr thickness and let run the job longer? In the picture you see, that we use RED PLA with transparrent PVA We hope to get help here. We bought the printer for bigger parts. Some Details on the settings: 5% support density for PLA (20mm space between support lines, we know the bridging in ultamker is possible to work with this), 15% Support density for PVA, 6mm Interface thickness in Z at bottom and top of PLA-Supports Greetings Alexander Bruns, Airbus Bremen
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