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  1. I have a model with a complex and fine wall shape. To have the outline lay down on the bed properly I need to slow to 15mm/s. The problem is though, the filling in of the initial layer takes AGES due to this low speed. I need to be able to have a 15mm/s outline then speed up inside on the lines that finish that layer. Is there a setting that allows this? I can't find it as I suspect I don't know the correct terminology.
  2. I'm not sure if this has been considered and I'd be amazed if not but I wonder why cura doesn't have adaptive supports. What I'm thinking is something like this: It would start at the base at an appropriate width to get a firm grip on the build surface then move up at no more than 45 degree in various angles to reach the spaces it needs to. I currently am very frustrated with the amount of wasted filament. Something like this would not only reduce waste but increase print speeds. (excuse my fast / roughed up drawing but you should get the idea)
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