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  1. Hi all I am having an issue with my ultimaker 2(now 2+ish). I am having a issue with having the first layer not sticking to the heating plate, I have tried multiple times to try to level the print bed with a paper and inspect that the filament was flowing properly, printer bed heats up and everything looks to be in working order, atleast from my eye's but I'm a Newman in the 3d printer world all settings are original and the printer pcb is updated to 2+ A little recap of my first dip into the world of 3d printing I bought a DIY ultimaker 2 kit (1300$) on eBay. And assembled it and never got the damn thing to work, it has been standing on my desk for almost a year just collecting dust, After assembly, and it not working, i thought I messed something up, it took few hours to fully assemble the kit and of course, there was some parts missing and not everything original last time I try to save some money on buying dodgy stuff on eBay, anyway issues so far there was a bad pin crimp on the x stepper motor connector that connects to the PCB, so I found a new connector and on eBay and replaced the connector and the pin, then the PCB was giving a strange buzzing noise when the printer was turned on. print head fan not working and led lights not dimmable so I bought a new ultimaker clone PCB and replaced it, and thought my troubles would be over, but it was still not working properly, the filament feed was not going out smoothly and curling up, and the filament was beeing chipped by the feeder thought it was related to crappy parts and it would be fixable by replacing them with original parts so I bought the ultimaker 2+ kit and replaced the stock printer head and installed the new feeder system. aligned the axis and calibrated the printer bed but still have the same issues with it Can any of you assist me in getting this thing to work? or do i just have a 2000 dollar paper weight on my desk, using PLA filament and stock settings, I am attaching a video of the issue in a link below thanks in advance Komrad
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