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  1. Thhankyou! I followed you advice and downloaded an earlier Cura version. Also used an older pc running Windows 7. After a few errors (different message this time) the firmware update finally completed. Phew. Really happy with the improvement in print quality the plus kit has brought.
  2. Hi, So I've upgraded my UM2 with the UM extrusion upgrade kit making it a UM2+. The final step of the install manual states you must update firmware or risk permanent damage to the machine. The problem I have is the printer connects to Cura 2.6.1 (COM3) but I'm not able to complete a firmware update. The manual states "install default firmware" however this option does not exist in Cura 2.6.1 so I'm instead navigating to Preferences -> Printers -> Ultimaker 2+ -> Upgrade Firmware. Upon doing so the printer power cycles before displaying the following message: "Firmware update failed due to an communication error." I've tried this numerous times, sometimes getting further through the process before the same error message appears. I've recently switched to windows 10 but recall on 7 having intermittent connection issues as well, though I was able to update firmware without problems. I located an Ultimaker troubleshooting guide that suggested windows 10 installs the incorrect arduino driver however I'm not able to follow those instructions or select a new driver. Any tips would be appreciated.
  3. The earlier link doesn't appear to be working. Try this one Run time screen?
  4. Hi, I'm hoping to formally join the community very shortly by dipping my toe with a UM2. The unit I'm looking at appears to be quite an early model with firmware version 14.03. Is there anything I should be aware of buying an early model? I see firmware is upgradeable but reading through these communities I've picked up a few references to 'bugs' in the early versions. I intend to perform the 2+ upgrade eventually but would like to get some experience with printing beforehand. I assume the upgrade addresses any run/print time concerns by replacing the main wearing components? Thanks in advance. Nick [/img]
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