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  1. Luckily, I bought this paperweight on Craigslist for a pittance and am selling it there for twice what I paid for it. With the resulting sale, I'll buy an inexpensive kit from Amazon; one that only requires 'some assembly'. The new machine will work with any slicer software, including Cura; and uses standard bulk filament. It also has self leveling print plate and automatic z-axis setting. So, it's not a total disaster; just a minor set back and a new life-lesson. I look forward to using Cura at home, as I do at my public library's Maker Hub 3D printer lab.
  2. I don't think you can edit the g-code for Cubex printers. They use their own slicer that puts out a .cubex file that appears to be encrypted. Also, the machine refuses to accept any standard g-code file.
  3. After much expense, experimentation and frustration, I am selling my Cubex Trio and buying a cheaper kit 3D printer that is compatible with a wider range of programs. In my personal opinion, the Cubex printers are too expensive for what trouble they present; esp, the high cost of proprietary filament cartridges and inability to use Cura to run it (again, proprietary slicer format [.curex] that seems to be unique, glitchy and encrypted so you can't edit it). Finally, I can't find anyone who will work out a fix for these issues. Ergo: my love affair with the Cubex printers is quite over.
  4. I just bought a Cubex Trio and have the following issues: a) my notebook computer isn't OpenGL compatible; b) Cubex has its own format for its slicer: .cubex, and won't work with standard g-code files. Are there any upgrades in the works to address these issues?
  5. I won't get my Cubex Trio until this Sunday (May 28th); and I won't get my first spool of filament until June 1st. After I've had time to play with it, I'll let you know how it goes. Meanwhile, I'm researching this printer online and studying every aspect of it I can find. Including: Ways to get around the proprietary filament cartridge$$$ and how to tweak the configurations settings to optimize output.
  6. As of this Sunday, May 28th I will be the owner of a Cubex Trio. I get my first spool of filament in the mail June 1st. As soon as I've had a chance to play with it, I'll let you know the Pros and Cons; my successes and failures. Thank You for this forum and all the suggestions herein. I'm also looking for any configuration tweaks that will get me the best results from this printer.
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