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I just bought a Cubex Trio off Craigslist. While it seems to make a decent object, it does have a few issues I'm finding hard to work with. First off, it uses proprietary filament cartridges that only hold 600g of filament and have a microchip that tells the machine that it's a legit Cubex product. The cartridge costs over $100!!! I have mine rigged to use standard 1000g bulk filament for now. Secondly, I have a great deal of difficulty keeping the object being printed from staying put long enough to print more than the first dozen layers before it slips and ruins the build. Third, it has a proprietary slicer format (.cubex) and doesn't recognize standard g-code. Finally, Cura works off of OpenGL, with which my notebook computer is not compatible. The last issue I'm working on by building a custom desktop tower that has a graphics board that is compatible with OpenGL..

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