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  1. Love my UM3 but the beeping noise while printing is driving my partner crazy. (Particularly during long prints that run through the night) I'm hoping that is something that can be turned off, but haven't been able to find the setting. Is this possible or am I out of luck? Thanks
  2. Hello, The last two times I network printed longer, more complex objects on my Ultimaker 3, Cura 2.5 appeared to crash with OSX presenting an "No available application memory" error. The Activity Monitor showed Cura was using 64GB memory. Cura was frozen with the camera view no longer updating. However, both prints continued to successful completion on the Ultimaker printer. Print 1: dual PLA print, 29 hours. Print 2: PLA/PVE print, 55 hours. iMac has 32GB ram, latest OS. Is this a common issue with Cura? with more complex or longer running prints? network printing? I would prefer to avoid schlepping a USB stick between devices in order to print, if possible. Many thanks, Don
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