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  1. Update: After managing to connect the printer to our institution's network via LAN cable, I was able to update to the latest firmware. The USB port now appears to be working properly and can detect USB sticks, though I haven't yet run any prints.
  2. Hello, Yesterday I ran the first print on our brand new UM3 (a Benchy), running off the provided USB stick. This started fine with no software issues (the PVA didn't adhere properly though, and when I noticed I cancelled the print). Today I tried to start a new print (another Benchy, with tweaked settings), again with the USB stick, but the printer did not detect it. (Both files prepared with Cura 2.5.0.) I tried to use a different USB stick, and the printer did not detect that either. I haven't been able to find any posts in this forum about this issue. Any help would be appreciated. Do I need to contact the retailer's support, or can I fix it myself?
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