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  1. This is maybe an old topic, but I want tot share my settings for if someone strumbles on this page. Steps taken 1. Generate Gcode by Cura with starting and end gcode presented below 2. Open Notepad++ and remove all code (I leave the comments) that Cura creates before my comment ; My edit. This enables heating the print bed and nozzle simultaneous. 3. Execute Gcode on Leapfrog. Cura printer profile settings I created a new printer setting called Leapfrog and used the following settings. [media=68396" size="medium][/media] Gcode Starting Gcode ; My edit M117 Heating... ;Put he
  2. Thanks you for the response. This solves the drift, but is under extrusion also common with this problem, or might this be a temperature / speed problem? As you can see my speed is not that high, temp. is 210 C and using green Makerpoint PLA for 180-210 C
  3. Hello community, I got drift and under extrusion with the UM2 . The drift started yesterday and started with larger parts, but now also with smaller parts (sizes of 1/3 of the print bed). I just noticed the under extrusion and created a test file (test_square) to see the drifting and under extrusion. The pictures say enough. I got drift in both X and Y. I search the forum for drift and placed marks on the pulleys to see if they slip. However this did not occur. I did not extra tighten the pulleys, maybe I'm going to do that just for sake of completeness. Another point is lubricat
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