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  1. What do you think about this: http://www.surveyanalytics.com/t/AI6avZOT56
  2. Thanks very much! This is really helpful. I will implement some changes!
  3. Hi neotko Thanks very much for your comment. You are absolutely right that these questions are not comparable with the information that a slicer like quora can provide. This is not the target - at least not at the moment. However, I figured out that a structured database with the most important experiences from other users would deliver great value for a big part of the printing community, even if the settings are not transferable in a slicer right now. The factors taken into account (nozzle temperature etc.) are limited, otherwise it would be a huge effort for the user to share it. I am sti
  4. Hi ultiarjan, thanks for your reply. Just as you said, with an increasing number of entries per combination the validity of the information will increase. However, I am convinced that already one user experience in combination with the recommended settings from the filament provider can add value for someone who did'nt use the filament before. This should help to store the experiences from users at a centralized place instead of having them distributed to a large number of communities, forums, and threads.
  5. Is it a pain for you to spend a lot of time for experimenting on print settings until you find the best combination? This is exactly what I experienced. For this reason, I want to collect the knowledge and experiences of the community to make 3D printing easier for each other. We started to build up a database for printer models, filament types and filament provider. The target is to share the results with you and make 3d printing easier! Therefore, I need further insights about your experiences. If you like the idea and if you are interested in the best practices from other users, it would b
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