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  1. Thanks man! On both accounts, as that was actually the issue it seems. Had my initial layers set to 0.3 mm. Set it to 0.25 and fixed my surfaces! Is this a known issue then? Pretty annoying something like this when you really have no clue where to look for the cause.
  2. Thanks for checking Kman, but it's not just graphical; I only noticed Cura was doing it when the actual prints showed half made top layers: Bottom layer looks pretty flat in the slicer: Using latest Cura 2.5
  3. The model itself is perfectly proportioned, pretty sure of that barring any outragous STL conversion errors on SW's side. Here are all the views: (notice the funky pattern on the top layer now) And as far as I can tell the bottom of the model is perfectly aligned to the bed: If you want to take a look; feel free to check out the STL/SW models: DriveMotorHousing.zip So far it hasn't been messing with any actual functionality, but I foresee some potential problems later on in my project on moving parts if it keeps adding pronounced ridges... Thanks!
  4. Hi, I'm having this weird issue where Cura keeps generating a partial top layer: It's almost like I accidentally tilted the model ever so slightly, but the bottom layer is perfectly flush with the bed. Also, moving it around makes the partial top layer generate in all sorts of inconsistent shapes and sizes, even on opposing ends of a surface! All dimensions are exactly defined and exported from SW, so I'm kindda puzzled at why it does this?
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