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  1. I cant seem to find the PI insulators on Ali express. I tried ordering from TaoBao but they held my order and never shipped it, they also kept my payment. So I bought what is on Ali and the Heat sink is different, although dimensionally the same, the fins are thinner and more of them. So the heat sink clamps in the files don't fit.
  2. Does this sound like a damaged FET? Any insight on the symptoms or what else it could be?
  3. Hi, Im new here, Ive tried to find a solution to what I think is an issue with my pcb. I think I may have caused the danage. I didnt have and equipment plugged into the board I just wanted to test it after receiving it. The only light on was green initially. I then turned it off and unplugged the psu. I inadvertantly turned it on without psu plugged in and the lights flashed quickly. I reconnected power and turned on again. I do hear the heated bed relay "click" and now the red indicator light associated with the heated bed receiving a signal to power on is lit up constantly. If I remove one
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