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  1. I have a problem. Cura 3.6 disables extruder heating on almost every dual-extrusion model few layers before end. I have tested it on 4 models and it disables heating on 3 of them.

    One model has 260 layers and Cura disabled heating on layer 220 without any reason. All of the printing temperature settings are set to 200 in Cura


  2. 4 hours ago, gr5 said:

    Are you saying it does the print correctly?  But the prime tower wrong?


    Are you saying it's trying to heat a second extruder for the prime tower but there is no second extruder?  Or are you saying it applies an X/Y offset when printing the second nozzle?  Please be more specific about the problem.

    I mean it prints with red filament, then changing layer, printing purge cube with red filament, printing model with red filament, changing to yellow filament on the other half of purge cube, printing model with yellow, changing layer, printing purge cube with yellow etc.... Printing purge cube after layer change is waste of filament

  3. I have printer with two extruders and one nozzle. How to set Cura 3.6 so the printer on the first layer will print prime tower with extruder 2, on 2 layer with extruder 1, on 3 layer with extruder 2 etc...? Curently it is printing half of prime tower with extruder 1 and the other half with extruder 2 on every layer.

  4. Hi,

    Yesterday I sliced some models and printed them corectly.  Today I'm trying to slice something and there is "Slicing..." all the time. I've tried to reinstall Cura, reset the computer and anything helps. How to solve it?

    Windows 10

    Cura 2.5.0

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