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  1. Found the intomation I need in the Materials marketplace within Cura
  2. Does anyone have experience and/or a profile for the Natural PLA Ultra Diamond (Supplied by RS Components, ·RS Stock No. 183-0305) I believe it is Tiamet3D’s Ultra Nano Diamond Filament rebranded. Impressions, profile and/or settings would be helpful if anyone has time to help out. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for your comment. It is a shame that the user cannot remotely interact with the printer, as being able to tell the system that the print job has been removed or that I do not want to repeat an aborted print job would be convenient. There again I do spend to much time sat in front of my CAD workstation…
  4. I am using a UM3e which is located in another room. · I would like to know if there is any way to get a mirror of what the printer display is showing me on my computer (Cura) screen? · It is frustrating to send a job to the printer to find that the printer is waiting for a user input. Is it possible to remotely make the user input? UM3e running on a wired network (no wi-fi). Cura 4.3.0, SolidWorks 2019.
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