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  1. Hi All I do have a question, regarding my Ultimaker 2+ and Cura. As shown in the picture, I have a region on the right I cant use. How can I make that printing area accessible? Regards
  2. I cant put in a layer number..? se picture..? All layer heights are 0.2mm
  3. Hey There Two questions. 1. I have been experimenting with the post processer in Cura 2.5 "Pause at height". But it seems like I cant get the hang of it how it works.... I put in a height = 5.0 mm which equals 25 layers, since all layers are 0.2mm... But doing so ain't stopping it in layer 25, but in 24, giving me a missing layer... What height should I use?? How is this height measured? 2. When using the Cura function Pause at height to I want to change material.. I normally do that without the using the "change material" function. I simply just pull back my material and attach a new one (I changed the feeder to an iRoberti). When resuming my print it doesn't extrude filament, even I did push that much through that the new color was extruded... What should I do to fix that? The ultimaker doesn't "know" that I changed the filament.. Regards
  4. Yes, it didn't help...
  5. Hey Out There I have discovered a funny thing. I made a 3D model with a wall thickness of 0.8mm.. When slicing Cura makes some sort of fill in the corners... Why..? I use a 0.4 nozzle which should give me 2 perimeters... I tried to reduce the wall thickness to 0.75mm with the same results... After that I tried to make it solid, with 0% infill and no solid top... Still not getting the 2 perimeters I want... Any suggestions. Regards Søren
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