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  1. Thanks for the answers! Sorry for the late reply, been quite busy. That could very well have been the issue. I'm currently not near the printers, or I would give it a go. What I can say is that we upgraded one of our two UM2 to a UM2+, and this seems to have fixed the issue completely. It prints perfectly again, leading me to think that the geared feeder fixed the issue. When I'm in tomorrow I'll give your idea a try Geert. And thanks again for the help!
  2. Hey all, We're having an issue with our UM2. It prints fine, except that it seems to be under extruding. I've tried quite a few solutions, but haven't managed to fix the problem. So, hopefully someone here has an idea on how to tackle this issue. A list of the solutions I've tried so far: Used a different feeder setup. Changed the PTFE coupler. Swapped out the spring for a spacer. Attached a different fan shroud. Checked bowden tube for narrowing. Changed the nozzle. Checked the steppermotor steps. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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