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  1. Hello, I have a UM2+ and a UM2Go and i'am using Cura 3.1. now. I'am wondering if it is posible too change color by adjusting and chaging the G-code. The "pause" function does work but when i try the "change color" function it does'nt.
  2. hallo Jan, Inderdaad een zeer duidelijke uitleg van alles. Bedankt voor de tip. groeten Ed
  3. hallo, Kan iemand mij vertellen welke settings ik het beste kan gebruiken voor PETG op mijn Ultimaker 2+? met vriendelijke groet, Ed
  4. Afaik that's the esteps of the um2+ Check bowden, everything is in place right or check the feeder tension indicator is in the middle. It should work. Checkt it all and everyting was ok. Uploaded the firmware like discreibt on the builder from Amadee. E steps are set on +569.0 and then the extrusion is ok
  5. Hi Gudo, Looks great !! Do you only work with direct drive now or do you sometimes switch between the 2 systems? greetings Ed
  6. Hi Neotko, When i change the Estep setting too +369.0 and go printing i have the problem off under-extruding. Is that setting for 1,75 filament or did you determend it yourself. The prev setting was +836.0 greetings Ed
  7. The real question is: "why would you want to do that?" I have both (an UMO and an UMO+) and I don't see any advantage of having this 2.1.x board. The old one is rock solid; no SMD : so you can easily fix any problem; change drivers, ... And the new one is really expensive in comparision. For a real upgrade I would rather buy a Duet3D... Hi amadee I allready bought the board. Maybe in the future i will do the "duet3D" upgrade. thanks anymay for youre replah greetings, Ed
  8. Hi, I just saw your PM, will answer here, I been very very very busy lately so I write much less. To fit the um2 2.1.4 board I just did mark the holes with a pen and drilled the bottom. The most important part is to check the length of the cables so everything reach the board (specially the pt100 and 5v fan are shorter) The DXF bottom of the umo+ could work as guide, but since umo and umo+ are different it won't be much help. For the Sidepanel, to plug the PSU and access the power on/off I just used the Left umo+ panel to see how big where the holes and with a hacksaw I did cut the wood. Th
  9. Hello neotko, I have a question. I have a UMO and i want too replace the main bord for a newer type (V2.1.4). Because of the different positions of the switch and plugins i wanted too replace the right and bottom panels also. Do you have the right DXF files so i can laser/engrave the parts and replace them? greetings Ed
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