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  1. Yes... I was able to reproduce the problem! It is one of these settings. I don't really want to slice with one at a time 😞 Anyone know? conical_overhang_angle = 45 conical_overhang_enabled = True gradual_infill_steps = 4 material_flow = 107 material_print_temperature = 215 retract_at_layer_change = True retraction_amount = 7 retraction_extrusion_window = 7 small_feature_max_length = 7 wall_line_count = 4 wall_overhang_angle = 45 wall_overhang_speed_factor = 50
  2. I have just tried the standard profiles "Normal" and "Fine" and they do not have the issue 😞 That means one of my custom settings is breaking it. I guess I can start over with "Fine" as a base, and change one thing at a time and see what breaks it?
  3. Hi folks. I like the new version of Cura 4.4.0 🙂 But having trouble getting the internal geometry to work. The "Mesh Fix" options are turned off. Not sure what is going on? This is the model: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:40605 (a beautiful chess set by PerryT).
  4. Firstly: Thank you for making it free! I like the interface improvements. I only tried to use the previous version briefly, while trying to get my first 3D printer going (a rebranded Wanhou). I finally got it going with this beta! Minor issue on my laptop with the interface: the layer view box that opens in the bottom left was getting cut off at the bottom. Even hiding the taskbar was not making enough room. Would be great if I could move it somewhere it fits. The issue happens on a full HD screen, when you use the text zoom feature in Windows 10 e.g. 150% recommended zoom. I have that on all
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