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  1. Howdy, I need to print small prototype seals they would be like a flat edged O Ring. Size 9mm diameter outside and 7.75mm diameter inside and 1mm thick; sort of a flat gasket. I need some stretch but only about 10 or 15%. Will this work and work on my UM3 .25mm core? I used you link to DSM but it led nowhere with the company..I did get a email reference but I need to know this now...pressed for time. Thanks, JP
  2. Howdy, I am printing nylon (UM3) and cannot find a solution for the problem shown with he brim. The 5mm brim is nylon, build plate heat is 60C. The upper part of the image shows the beginning of what I am trying to print; a rounded bottom, hollow capsule, with a hole in the end. Of course, the brim will not firmly hold the capsule and the print fails before it is completed. The capsule is 15mm L and 9mm D and the wall thickness is .625mm. I am using .156 line width with a wall count of 4, printing temp 230C and Print Thin Walls. What makes it so puzzling is that I can get a good brim
  3. Thank you for the reply, I did hot/cold pulls and did get a bit of junk out of the core. I am going back to basics on the settings. I am attempting to do more than my experience allows. I am printing nylon open ended capsules 16mm long and 9mm in diameter with a .5mm thick wall and port holes around its periphery . I have achieved good prints but I am now trying to enlarge ports in the capsule wall that result in overhang printing....tough. Thanks again.
  4. I have UM3 with .25 core. When I load filament I get a good stream through the core but when I print, it does not make a puddle but extrudes a small amount and drags it to the print, the filament never gets to proper flow and collects around the hot end. I have looked a the filament...it has no bad grind spots. I would appreciate suggestions. JP
  5. I cannot change Print Core 1, .25mm. I have followed the solution of lifting up on the nozzle while pinching the installation tabs. I even used needle nose pliers to squeeze the tabs together and pull. I am careful not to put enough force on it to bend the guide rods. My prints turn out good. The last time I changed this Core it was difficult but worked. Can the filament jam the Core so that it cannot retract enough to clear it? I don't see obvious build up of burned filament. Thanks for the help...someone jp
  6. Howdy---Cura 3.2.1 alpha is now working OK on Capitan 10.11.6. Click ssues remain on Mac Trackpad and Wacom Intros 2 Mouse-I sort of change clicking until something works-especially difficult to move build plate around on the screen. Connection with UM3 is much improved-easy to do, but every new print requires a simple network disconnect at the printer and immediate reconnect, works every time.
  7. Hi Steve, Yes, that is exactly what I needed and you are correct, I have found someone to do it. I appreciate your reply and will keep your contact info at hand. Cheers, Phillip Jones
  8. Sauna works great at my cave, microwave did not-the hidden ident chip in the UM spool made a big spark.
  9. No expert here...In fact, I am struggling with using nylon/pva on a small, thin walled, part. Thus warned, I offer this; The images seem to show the PVA filament strands laying loose have small moisture bubbles in them. You will read in other areas the need to keep PVA dry and the many ways others have tackled that requirement. If I see bubbles when loading the filament I back off and dry it first-I use a sauna to dry and a plastic box with a sealed lid and desiccant packs to keep it dry. When I finish a print, I put the PVA and Nylon back into the dry box. Lastly, it is surprising to me how f
    I hope I can download the Gyro in the future; right now it does show to be available. Cheers, Whitenuckle
  10. Howdy, I need help in formatting a capsule parametric file so I can use AutoDesk Fusion 360 to modify wall thickness and other features. I am willing to pay a reason amount for the help. Here are the files: Lower Casing 1.stl Upper Casing1.stl
  11. My issue may not be correct. I reloaded the stl and after making my settings, lo, splicing shows infill.
  12. Howdy, I have the same question. I am using UM3, Cura 3.0.3 and am attempting to solid print this tube, however, no[/media] matter the infill density setting or pattern, it remains as shown in the image. I don't know how to attach an image..I used the image gallery button above but...here is what I got, [media=71572]
  13. Howdy, Capitan 10.11 with the NIVIDA Quadro 4000 graphics board also produces garbled alpha. Returning to the OS driver fixes it.
  14. I have been provided the answer. The fix: Cura 2.6 requires a printer selection (Cura-Preferences-Printer). Cura updates carry some files forward. In the above error, the printer file must be replaced. Make sure two printers are selected; your desired printer and another on such as HM3 and HM3 Extended. Remove your desired printer and Add it back. Then, you can delete or keep the second printer as you wish.
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