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  1. Here you go: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AratnT1lYlDf0VW2H6jsIJ8STsCW
  2. You are quite welcome :)We all have to start somewhere and it is almost always the easiest thing that goes wrong. As you build you knowledge and successes, things will become easier. Although, to be honest, failure teaches me more as I never know if things go right because I got it right or got it lucky. Good Luck!! haha xD success shorted lived >.< I am beginning to belive this is a bug i cura now. I have done what you did, but in cinema 4d that i use. to show they are connected: I combined those two parts and fused them togheter to be a watertight object. The error is still there when i export it as obj and place it in cura 2.5. Yours on the left and mine on the left: But whats intresting is that when i put it in cura 15.04.6 it places on the buildplate just fine.
  3. Thanks! I went in the meshmixer file and it seem the problem starts here. This haven't been a problem before so i'll have a look into it. Sorry about the file. It's one of my earlier works, so it is a little messy after going through the fixer and then being cut in meshmixer. none of these programs are online. 3d builder which is integrated program in win 10 for fixing the object and can be used as a slicer.
  4. Here you can have a look and see: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AratnT1lYlDf0VKQdMLWGHAKiuR_
  5. This model have been through 3d builder to fix any problems with the model then put in mashmixer to be cut to fit the bed. I have placed the flat side down. When i turn off support the model sits cleanly on the buildplate yes. I am aware of that i can go negative in z axis, but it is very annoying to have to do this to every part...
  6. Hello! I have an annoying problem with the support in cura. When support is on it causes that you can see in the images. It places support under the model for no reason. Cura places the model for som reason a little bit up in the air. When i turn off supports it places the model at the buildplate as i want it to, but i do need the support too. Can someone help me with this problem? Is it a bug?
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