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  1. yes i know when its unchecked it doesnt use the settings but what im asking is, my print speed is 40mm/s, but when i enable the settings it makes it 11.25mm/s, guess im asking what is the default bridge speed with it unticked and im guessing that is whatever your print speed is, so i may of just answered my own question im assuming the defaults are Bridge Wall speed - whatever your print speed is Bridge wall flow - what ever your flow rate is Bridge skin density - whatever your line spacing is just trying to work out what the printer does when its unticked. 99% sure i just answered my own question
  2. if anyone is wondering, i think its because the fan speed is set to high so its cooling the part to much, i tried printing with 0 fan and it was almost perfect and no lifting, but you dont get the best finish, but i think i just need to find the correct fan speed
  3. quick question, when i tick "Enable Bridge Settings" it changes a whole lot of setting (all the ones in the picture below), my question is when its not ticket what are these settings? this way i have a base line to start off with, but since as soon as i tick it they change settings, it makes it hard to work out what it was like to begin with. are you able to tell me the settings they revert back too when you untick it on all the bridge settings? for example "Bridge Wall Speed" i believe the default is whatever the "Print Speed" is set too not 11.25 in this case it should be 45.
  4. i have a Anet A8, i use cura im having issues where my part starts lifting i use to use blue tape what works find for smaller prints, but not larger, and is super hard to remove prints from, ive also wiped the tape down with alcohol to improve it to stick but it ends up lifting the tape off the bed and even harder to remove so things ive tried blue tape - part lifts, sometimes the tape blue tape with alcohol - part still lifts, also high chance to lift the tape increased bed temp from 60c to 65 slowing the first layer speed to 15mm/s swapping bed to Anycubic Ultrabase adding more flow to the first layer increasing first layer height increasing line width increasing temp from 200c-205c testing 85c bed temp (warps heaps more) adding a brim enclosing the printer, it got to 32c air temp i made a smaller STL file so it doesnt use and much material and with that i found i could get to a higher layer height before it started to warp yes i know its a harder print because the top is sloping and will pull it back but i would of thought it would still work if you want the STL file here is a google drive link, with some extra photos (deleted by OP) any ideas would be great
  5. ah, maybe thats it, i must of seen it when seeing what slicer i like yea, it must of been a slic3r setting
  6. i believe there is a setting where you can add a full layer every xxx layers so say you ahve 20% infill, it prints the bottom layer, then does infill, then say 50 layers in, it will print another bottom layer i believe i saw this setting, but i cant remember what it is called. any help?
  7. im not sure how to use the program
  8. im not sure what you mean by check the density of the triangles the image looks like this
  9. ill have a look at meshmixer. the file size is 2.16mb for a print of about 1 meter of filament 1.75mm (20-30mins print) im not sure if thats big or not for what it is
  10. i use autodesk inventor, any tips for that?
  11. sorry, this isnt my first print, square box seems fine, just the round im struggling with , also im not using the ultimaker. i did print something similar a while ago and that looks great, but i dont remember if that was before i updated cure and i had to put my setting back in. your settings still had the issue but made it look neater so the green is the same settings and the big gray one and the little gray one is your settings this is a different model what i did a while ago, there is no blobs but there is a little bit of layer lifting what i also need to work out, thinking it was just to cold when printing, but it shows its some sort of setting, i just dont know what it is
  12. the top surfaces look like that coz i stop the print as i can see i still have the same issue i tried a different filament, and it is better but not perfect. maybe ill try resetting the cure settings to default and see what that does
  13. so i changed as many of my settings to yours and still having the issue i am running a newer version of cura but thats about it
  14. so that didnt work, i tried slower speed and lower temp, same thing i havent used it much, so i dont think that is the issue
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