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  1. Thanks so much!!! I will try this tonight and see how it goes!!!
  2. Hello! This is my second post, and I appreciate all your guys' help, and bearing with a noobie. I have been making things in Sketchup for the past 2 days, and 2 of the 2 models that I made, when loaded into Cura, have not been adding in essential pieces. For example, I am making a hollow cylinder, that juts in about 0.3mm when it is almost at the bottom, making a smaller entry hole than the top. This increase in size does not get accounted for, and it is just a hollow cylinder, all the same size. Another example is that I was making a very simple TV remote holder, and when I imported th
  3. Hello! I am brand new to 3d printing (for like 4 months) and I have just ran into a issue searching the web doesn't seem to help me with. I imported a cylinder, 9mm wide, with a 6mm hole down the middle of it, that is 25mm tall. I have 20% infill and .2mm height. Randomly, on the last 3 layers, the whole top of the circle automatically gets filled in, not making it a hollow sphere, but a hollow sphere with a closed top. how do I fix this? Thanks so much!!!!
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