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  1. Version 1.0


    This is a standard 20 x 20 mm calibration cube (from thingiverse) but scaled height to 60 mm in Cura 2.6.2. Vase mode. printed to test different temperatures. The problem occurs even with stable temperature as the shortest cube shows (that one was printed at 215 C) Retraction was ticked on at 25 mm/s. But I don't think it retracts in vase mode anyways, right? The problem gets better with more height as the cubes show (bases on right, tops on left of image).
  2. 3D Solex has a third party removable core (HardCore Pro) with changeable nozzles, as small as 0.1 mm Here's a link Haven't seen any reviews on yet though.. perhaps because its new Edit: Funny I'm replying about the same thing a couple of days later. Sorry, I haven't seen my previous reply above.
  3. Try adding a skirt type build plate adhesion in your slicer. This has solved my issues with the priming blob getting dragged into the print.
  4. You can purchase a 3dsolex hard core pro print core which has a couple of changeable nozzles (as small as 0.1mm) Please update us here if you finally do so and share your experience. I have only heard about them on the net and haven't actually tried anything from them.
  5. I'm having the same issue. No solution yet. Glue doesn't help much. Interestingly the problem wasn't there when the printer and filament were brand new. Could it be the filament caught some humidity?
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