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  1. I need the step files to mod it I just want to have a nice custom work center for our various printers and want to show the UM3 on the work surface to help sell it to management.
  2. Hey, A .stp would be nice of the case of the machine. Don't NEED all of the internal parts, just the case pretty much.
  3. Hey! Cool the new firmware did update this!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the response. Doesn't seem to be correct, I'm still running the v1 API. When I go to the /get_printer_heads_head_id using the Swagger interface in my browser there is a required input for head_id of long data type. I have tried many things there but the only thing that returns anything is 0. What is returned appears to be the same thing as if I was to just to go /get_print_heads I have looked through the response and don't see anything in regards to how long the head has been hot, it's serial number, and amount of material extruded. I found this: "hotend": { "id"
  5. Has there been any progress made on getting the metrics off of the print cores? I'm not seeing anything in the WEB API of our machine that would give me how many hours or how much material has been ran through our cores.
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