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  1. Hi, I ran into some problems while trying to use cura (2.4 as well as 2.5) with my cheap Prusa i3 RepRap Machine. The machine does not show up as connected USB-Printer in Cura. Problem 1: The USB-Controller would not be recognized as USBSER from Windows instead Windows will recognize it as VCP0-Device. Fix 1: So I changed the USBPrinterOutputDeviceManager.py to not only look for USBSER-Devices. Diff for USBPrinterOutputDeviceManager.py (Cura 2.5.0): 263c263< if not only_list_usb or "VCP0" in values[0] or "USBSER" in values[0]:---> if not only_list_usb or "USBSER" in values[0]: Problem 2: Next problem i ran into was that the USB-Controller in my case does not run with a baud-rate of 115000 the controller I use works with a speed of 57600. Fix 2: Modification of the stk500v2.py, after timeout trying to connect to the USB-Device with a baudrate of 115000 retry it with 57600. Diff for stk500v2.py (Cura 2.5.0): 31c31,33< raise ispBase.IspError("Failed to open serial port")---> #Modified Exception to connect to other printers which use Arduino with a Baud-Rate of 57600> self.serial = Serial(str(port), 57600, timeout=1, writeTimeout=10000)> #raise ispBase.IspError("Failed to open serial port") This is more a dirty hack cause I used raising exception to try it with new settings. Maybe anyone has an better idea. Maybe some admin sees this and trying to get this infos to the DEV-Team! I would love to use cura ootb in future versions without dirty-hacking some files
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