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  1. Very Nice printing!! You finish to convince me to try to print this model!😁 Thank you too for the calibration model, it's very helpful! https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3318554
  2. I'm trying the beta 4.0 and i would like to print with PLA and PVA. Could you give some tips to manage the material type of the center of the cylindrical tower? I would like to change this center of PVA material to have a better grip between the brim and the second layer of PVA. Do you think that is possible to ask to add this option?
  3. Finally it works! Ok, not yet perfectly but it works ...
  4. It's very funny i'm trying to find a solution during many day and just after to send this topic i found the right parameter to manage it. Before that this parameter "Support Z distance " in the Extruder 1 was at 0.05mm
  5. Hi , Do you have somes tips for managing the gap between the PLA part and the PVA support in Cura 3.0.4. Thank you for you help
  6. When we wanted to upgrade our ultimaker 2 and (now our 2Go) we had to find a solution to control our roll. I don't know if our solution could help but we designed a Bobinet in order have a better management of the rolls. In the dual upgrade, the bad point of this solution is to open the plastic cover of the motherbord in order to connect the new PVA extruder as you can see on picture. The wire is constraint under the cylinder and after the hole there is a metalic axe in this hole to protect the PMMA. Since this addition we have no more roll issue.
  7. Great! So could you send me your contact to this email: team@6maker.org delighted to work with you ?
  8. hi, This is a automated solution. You can find a little video with this link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2608925 You can see my prints with Scaffold and poly plus PLA.
  9. Hello, I designed a prototype in order to upgrade the ultimaker 2 and 2go. the Dual-Balance You can find informations about it onb www.6maker.com My solution is not perfect but it works well! At the moment, I'm trying to find people to test my design and to tell me what is good or what is perfectible ? If you wish, we can work together to upgrade your printer? Have a good day. 6Maker
  10. Hi, I'm happy to hear this ? . Have a good day! Team 6 Maker
  11. Okay. maybe the other idea is to measure directly on your board (if you have not already done it ? A+
  12. Hi, Is it possible to control the impedance of the sensor? On my ultimaker2 i have 110 Ohm for the sensor.
  13. Hi, if you are interested about the management of your wire you can follow us in our first event in Waco texas: https://www.facebook.com/events/2033912206859276/ Come share your experience with us! It is together that we ferosn great thing!
  14. until
    The idea behind Bobinet is to provide some help in protecting and managing your filament. The second solution that will be presented has the potential to give your older printer dual extrusion capabilities. Please come support this new technology from France! Light snacks will be provided! This is a free event! https://www.facebook.com/events/2033912206859276/
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