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  1. I'm trying the beta 4.0 and i would like to print with PLA and PVA.
    Could you give some tips to manage the material type of the center of the cylindrical tower?
    I would like to change this center of PVA material to have a better grip between the brim and the second layer of PVA.

    Do you think that is possible to ask to add this option?



  2. When we wanted to upgrade our ultimaker 2 and (now our 2Go) we had to find a solution to control our roll.

    I don't know if our solution could help but we designed a Bobinet in order have a better management of the rolls.

    In the dual upgrade, the bad point of this solution is to open the plastic cover of the motherbord  in order to connect the new PVA extruder as you can see on picture. The wire is constraint under the cylinder and after the hole there is a metalic axe in this hole to protect the PMMA. Since this addition we have no more roll issue.






  3. Hello,

    I designed a prototype in order to upgrade the ultimaker 2 and 2go. the Dual-Balance
    You can find informations about it onb www.6maker.com
    My solution is not perfect but it works well!
    At the moment, I'm trying to find people to test my design and to tell me what is good or what is perfectible ?

    If you wish, we can work together to upgrade your printer?

    Have a good day.






  4. On 05/01/2018 at 8:14 PM, rowiac said:



    I am also interested in the details of how your "Dual Balance" system works.  How do you achieve the special Z level for the non-active nozzle?  Also am I correct in assuming you are using the extra fans to cool the non-active nozzle to avoid oozing?

    Hello ahoeben and Rowiac,

    I think I have finished in a month or two a web page to explain my mechanism.
    I just finished some prototype for friends with two smaller 25 * 25 * 10mm wfan for cooling the printed part. I would like to find 7mm but it's not easy.

    For the moment my system is not perfect yet that's why I want to remain discreet about the mechanism because it can still change.
    But you will be the first to have all the details.



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  5. Good evening,

    I had a very honorable result a few weeks ago with "scaffold". You can see below the detail of may last post:

    I just understood this "scaffold". When we do a simple manual extrusion test (disassembly of bowden with insertion and removal of the wire by hand) we understand that it retires very difficult and it is certainly this effort that gnawed the wire when of the retraction by extruding it. I also raised the temperature to 230 ° C to get a good result.

    Here is the piece in cura 2.7.


    Here are the settings for SCAFFOLD and Poly_Plus_PLA.



    And here is a link with other upcoming photos and details:


    Thanks to those who helped me

  6. Hello Migo,

    I'm not a expert but i work on a new design in Dual Extrution the Dual Balance system.

    At the present time this system work well on a ultimaker 2 and there is some advantage:

    1 No need to had other eletronics

    2 No need to had other Power supply

    3 using the same firmware of the ultimaker original Dual

    4 The nozzle who is not active have a special Z level (-1.5mm) in order to protect the already printing things.

    You can find some test here :


    Now i works to change the 12v fan with only 7 mm of thickness.

    I don't know the ultimaker original but as mentioned neotko you need to change some things. May be you can find some examples to upgrade your ultimaker original in dual Extruder mode.

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  7. Thanks,

    maybe you can find some detail about a ultimaker upgrad kit who explain all the operation to change the header. this operation is the same if you want to had a second extruder on your machine with this link:

    After the principale think is to control the plastic wire in order to ovoide the ooze of each nozzle.

    And after, you will need to avoid to touch the first impression with the fisrt nozzle. to do this you can use un CURA 2.7 with one option to go down the table for the nozzle changment operation.

    And the last is the control of the temperature in the head. You need to cool down more the head, that why i had change the head cover to put 2 others fans.

    That why ultimaker3 change the Z position of the unused nozzle like my system Dual Balance.

  8. Hello Christian,

    i'm working on a prototype the Dual Balance and it's works on the ultimaker original and ultimaker 2, 2+ and 2go and it's possible to assembly this system on other printer who have a compatible board to control the second extruder.


    But this is a prototype and not a commercial solution. You can find some details about the things what i have succeeded to print it with SCAFFOLD water-soluble PVA Wire to folow this link:


    About the firmware, you can modify it in order to declare the second extruder as

    "#define EXTRUDERS 1" to "#define EXTRUDERS 2"

    This line is in the "configuartion.h" file in the firmware source code:

    // This defines the number of extruders

    #ifndef EXTRUDERS

    #define EXTRUDERS 2


    You can find all the information about this marlin firmware to this web page


    With some information about your printer, If you want, i can compile this firmware for you in order to have a dual extruder firmware on your ultimaker original.

    My prototype does not need to add other electronic cards or actuator to operate.

    I guess my prototype will be totally finished in 1 month, if you want and if you are favorable, I can send it to you for beta testing?

    I hope I have brought you some answers.

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  9. Bonsoir,

    Victoire !! j'ai un résultat très honorable! IMAG1004.thumb.jpg.fc17aa27fbdc7e02a013d511e0b67a2e.jpg

    Je viens de comprendre ce "scaffold". Lorsque l'on fait un simple test d’extrusion manuelle (démontage du bowden avec insertion et retrait du fil à la main) on comprend qu'il ne se retire que très difficilement et c'est très certainement cette effort qui rongeait le fil lors de la rétraction par l'extruder. J'ai également augmenté la température à 230 °C pour obtenir un bon résultat.

    Voici la pièce dans cura 2.7.5a334069057fc_testscaffold20171026.thumb.jpg.873a05e72ef8bbb60495a07213ecc2ab.jpg

    Voici les réglages pour le SCAFFOLD et le Poly_Plus_PLA.parametre_cura_2.7_scaffold_2017_10_26.thumb.jpg.e9bd9e5e5b58af3a31907d610280e4c0.jpg


    Et voici un lien avec d'autres photos à venir :


    Merci pour votre aide!

  10. Merci pour vos conseils!

    je vais tester la vérification de mon réglage extruder.

    Autre point, au moment du début de mon impression j'ai entendu des petits crack et clock qui provenaient de la buse N°2 réglé à 210°C. Après recherche sur le web hier soir, j'ai entendu parler que le scaffold pouvait buller et se carboniser si la température était trop importante.

    Autre point, lors de mes tests, j'ai remarqué que la température mesuré dans la buse pouvait être supérieur de 15°C à la consigne.

    Donc je vais refaire un test ce soir à 185°C sur la buse N°2.

    Je vous tiens informé du résultat.

    Merci et A+

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