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  1. I totally agree with what you write. If you wanna use Netfabb or other online services first read their Imprint, Privacy, Terms of Service. If you agree, use it. If you don't agree then don't.
  2. Netfabb is a free service of Autodesk. Did you pay DC to print yours?
  3. Also an option is Netfabb online services. If you have a Google or Windows account just login, upload the stl file and after a few minutes (depending of the filesize) you'll get back the fixed stl file to download. https://service.netfabb.com/login.php
  4. I like Polymakers Polymax to print with. For sticking to the heated bed, 3dlac is a good alternative.
  5. Micro-Swiss makes coated nozzles in brass especially for these filaments. https://www.3djake.com/micro-swiss/coated-nozzle-for-the-ultimaker-2
  6. Hello, I understand exactly what you mean, the best way to learn something is to do it yourself and sometimes ask some help from more experienced people. Just wondered if the file was stil available. I'm a newbie in 3D printing so i still have to learn a lot about the settings of my Original+. No hard feelings at all and thanks for the responses. And the reason i bought it is to create my own things and not just download from other sites.
  7. Hello, I want to look if my bed and the printhead is calibrated good. Normally the sd-card is provided whith a test print but my sd- card is empty. I searched the forum and the file i found was this one. https://www.dropbox.com/...MiniCalTest.stl?dl=0 (this file is a block with different shapes on it). The file i'm looking for is to print a first layer to look if printhead and bed are good calibrated or not. Thanks in advance, Hans
  8. Yes it did. Ulticontroller shows the menu and you can scroll through and adjust the properties. Now i can start calibrating everything and play a little with it. Thanks again. Hans
  9. Hello, Thanks for the help already. Now Cura connects with the printer and i updated the firmware. Thanks very much for the help Hans
  10. Hello, I used the id command and this is the output [Mothboy@Mothboy ~]$ id Mothboy UID=1000(Mothboy) GID=1000(Mothboy) groepen=1000(Mothboy),10(wheel),18(dialout) so i guess the permissions are O.K.
  11. Hello, Thanks for the fast replies. This is the output for the dmesg and tty permissions. Hope you can help me to make the printer work, already much appreciation. Hans
  12. Hello I recently bought an Ultimaker Original+ and assembled it. When i power it on the green led on the motherboard lights up and the screen of the controller lights up blue but stays empty and that's it. [media=67457][/media] When i connect the printer over usb with my computer Cura can't connect with the printer. I am using Fedora 25 as operating system and the Cura version is 2.5.0. When i execute the lsusb command i get the following result , [media=67461][/media] what means that the Arduino is detected by my system. I already contacted the reseller and they reported the problem to Ultimaker. In the reply they suggest to make use of test boards and then swap on and on and look if the printer starts up. I don't have any experience with Arduino and because the printer is new , i don't want to start messing with it myself. So some suggestions what and how to do the testing would really be appriciated. Thank in advance, Hans.
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