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  1. The fillament is a new it came packaged with the machine. I did try a rigid.ink pla it seems to run smoother to an extent. I think you may be correct with the infill it appears that the print head goes near that spot to start the next layer.
  2. Interesting I'll give that a shot. But I have to wonder why is it only affecting the middle 2 infill lines going from the top right to bottom left. Also what about the rough extrusion, I've also noticed it makes a bubble popping sound while extruding sometimes. (Official ultimaker PLA 210C Extrusion temp) Thanks for the help!
  3. Good evening I am using Cura on high settings with the standard nozzle (.4mm) I have also noticed a problem with the infill (see pic) it struggles with the first few layers then it gets better but struggles with the infill but only in a few lines in the middle running from back right to front left. I'm confused on what's wrong. I have done attomic methods checked the bed level numerous times. Also I noticed the extrusion is not smooth but rough like sandpaper and I hear a popping sound randomly when it extrudes. (Using ultimaker pla print temp 210C bed temp 60C) as I said this printer is less than a week old and I'm not sure why it's giving me problems. Thanks for the help!
  4. I'm about to go crazy I'm not sure what the problem is, Everytime it prints the bottom few layers they look like a hot pile of garbage. Also up the sides of my prints it has vertical lines almost like cuts ( not the layer lines) I will post a picture of what the layers are looking like. What I have tried to do to fix it: I have received leveled it numerous times, I have used the atomic method, I have cleaned the build platform with (Windex, water, isopropyl alcohol). I'm not sure what's wrong or what else I can do. It's a brand new ultimaker 2 extended+ bought from dynamism last week. Thanks for the advice.
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