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  1. I have installed the 4.4 Beta. I'm able to re-establish the connection with the printer and can print again. Thanks for your help! Note that 4.3.0 did work for our other department on their UM3E and UM5S, but somehow not on our identical UMS3.
  2. No problem to test it out, PM me for a pre public release (if necessary). Another department at work have a 3E and an S5, so I can ask them to also test if possible (I believe they are still on 4.2).
  3. My Cura 4.3.0 keeps crashing on me just after the GUI has loaded (my apologies to the Cura development team for reporting so much crashes...). Removing all the files from local and roaming gets me further, I get into selecting a printer and see that it fails there. If I select the printer from the network (Ultimaker 3 Extended) the program crashes, but when I select the same printer from the list, Cura continues. Have not tried to print anything as I lost all material profiles. Anyone experiencing the same issue? How to proceed further to connect the network printer? This window pops up when I connect the network printer:
  4. That is definitely an answer! And a great reference for those who seek the same. I guess this should all be done in a post processing script of your own.
  5. I'm aware of the availability of keywords that can be used in G-code that are parsed by Ultimaker Cura on compiling the G-code file. I'm missing a good reference how you can do some basic arithmetic to parse a formula to a value rather than an in-place substitution. E.g. in Slic3r you can use some complex arithmetic and conditional statements to define custom values. In defining a certain speed (in mm/min) based on a travel speed (in mm/sec) in end or start G-code one might to use something like: G1 X0 F{speed_travel}*60*0.75 How would you implement this in e.g. an Ultimaker Cura "end G-code" to expand to G1 X0 F5400 (for 120 mm/sec travel speed that is)
  6. I learned that CPE is a co-polyester like PETG. I use PETG a lot (colorFabb 2.2 kg spools) and have had similar issues. I print PETG at 235 - 240 degC and no fan. This gives fairly good results, but not as nice as NGEN or PLA. You could try and print a custom temperature tower and see which temperature/speed/cooling/etc. options give you the best result.
  7. There are post processing scripts available to pause at height or tweak at Z. The first could easily be used to change filament. You'll find the scripts under main menu item "Extensions" -> "Post Processing" -> "Modify G-Code" and then add the script of your choice.
  8. Yay, I took me a while but I got it running after a lot of fiddling with the Cura profiles in the roaming\cura folder! Windows updates, graph driver update, etc. Bottleneck where the printer profiles...
  9. Just installed Cura 3.2 BETA on an i5 with a GTX970 and again as version 3.1 it won't run on my machine... Please guys, make it work! I want to try those nice new features. P.S. Where is the signup for Beta testers, my machine is a killer for you! Running 3.2 will throw me this:
  10. Hi, I have 4 banks of which 2 are filled with 8 GB memory modules, maybe I also qualify for these kind of software/hardware issues. I have no urge to pull modules, I'd rather wait for a new working version or stay on an older one for now. This should be something the devs could try on the test machines. Version 3.2 looks promising with nice features, I'd love to try those.
  11. Dat probleem is al lang bekend. Bij de eerste versie van de moederborden was het probleem voornamelijk de stekker op het bord, die is in de latere versie (die je nu koopt; al vanaf dec. 2016) vervangen door schroef connectoren. Je moet echter wel zelf even c-clamps of vorken op goede kabels krimpen! De stekker op het heat bed moet wel direct worden vervangen door het liefst nieuwe draden (AWG 14) te solderen aan de achterkant van de connector, de draden voor thermistor kunnen wel blijven zitten. Wil je het demontabel maken stop er dan een XT60 connector tussen en een strain releave (om spanning van de kabel te halen). Een externe MOSFET is overigens niet noodzakelijk, niet voor het bed en zeker niet voor het hot end. Het grootste probleem zijn de kabel connecties. Wel een beetje een botte titel... Auto's zijn ook gevaarlijk.
  12. Strange thing is I only can not run v3.1, but all other versions below that one run fine. Indeed very strange, and IMHO, there is no attention given to the people complaining. There is no problem as long as you ignore it. I hope v3.2 works, will try that tonight.
  13. At least you get to see the 3.1 application... My 3.1 won't even start the splash screen... I hope that 3.2 works!
  14. Thanks, I found the documentation on http://my_printers_ip/default.html for others that are reading in on this topic.
  15. Feature request for Cura Connetc: Would it be possible/is there support to implement a history list that displays which prints have been printed (name) and by who (if send over network)? Our printer is used by various people, I'd like to keep track of what is printed when I'm out of the office.
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