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  1. When starting Cura 2.6 it takes a looooong time when Cura reaches the "Loading Machines" stage. Given I only use one machine, is there a way to reduce the number of machines that are loaded? ex-egll
  2. Hi Tim, I had a similar issue. I got it running ok, but not sure how! It was either uninstalling both Cura 2.5 and 2.6, then re-installing OR uninstall Cura 2.6, re-install it using a programme that records all file and registry changes (I used AShampoo Uninstaller, but there are many out there), then uninstall it with that programme. This removes far more changes than the regular uninstall. After that a regular Install woked fine. Needless to say make sure you have profiles, machines etc backed up before hand, they will disappear!
  3. Ok, further to the last post, a few observations. After using the TAB trick, I now find that CLOSE on its own will save the changes, TAB is no longer needed. This is true after closing the programme and restarting it, and after rebooting the computer. No idea why but that is the case. I went one step further and did a clean install of Cura 2.6 and this time the CLOSE button worked fine, settings were saved and the TAB trick was not needed!! There is one other oddity; Manage Machine Settings will allow me to change the Material Diameter, but I can not save it. If I make the change on the Prin
  4. Excellent..... pressing TAB after editing, then pressing close saves the changes! In the snippets am adding code to ensure that the Marlin UBL mesh is loaded from the EEPROM and then activating the UBL feature. Many thanks
  5. Thanks for the info, the world of .json files is like an unsolvable maze! Plodding through them now, I'll see how it goes. Again thanks for your help.
  6. Removing the M104 has no effect, at least on my machine. Could you point me to the location of the .json file that needs to be modified to to stop it from adding both start codes? Many thanks
  7. Just downloaded and tried the official release, same problem.... any changes made are not saved after closing.
  8. Hi, thanks for the response. I realise that I can create my own start code in Cura but Cura inserts its own start code prior to the the user defined one e.g. M190 S65 M104 S200 M109 S200 It was these I wanted to delete or be able to modify. Ok on heating the bed first, I hadn't thought about the oozing issue, although my question was more about why, for the nozzle heating does Cura use an M104 followed by an M109. Wouldn't just the M109 serve the same purpose?
  9. That's not been my experience unfortunately, every time I "Close", it closes but the changes are not saved.
  10. Sorry, another question from a noob if I may. Below is the portion of gcode produced ahead of the user defined stat code in a Cura 2.6 Beta gcode file.. ;FLAVOR:RepRap ;TIME:4385 ;Filament used: 1.60282m ;Layer height: 0.2 ;Generated with Cura_SteamEngine 2.6.0 M190 S65 M104 S200 M109 S200 Is it possible to change this code? Ideally I would like to change the temperature settings to: M104 S200 ;Start heating extruder M140 S65 ;Start heating bed M109 S200 ;Wait for extruder to reach temp before proceeding M190 S200 ;Wait for bed to reach temp before proceeding This way
  11. Thanks for the reply. I had discovered that way, it just seemed odd that a direct edit of the file was not possible under Manage Machines. Was wondering whether it was a bug or by design. I've found it's actually quicker to create a new printer and copy / paste the data into it.
  12. With Cura 2.6.0 Beta I can add a new machine with ADD PRINTER / CUSTOM / CUSTOM FDM PRINTER I can now configure the printer, change the start and end code and save the results by hitting the FINISH button. Once the printer has been created I tried to change a couple of lines in the Start Code with MANAGE PRINTER / MANAGE SETTINGS and then making the changes to the start code. Problem is there is no FINISH button so I can't save the changes. I'm I going about this the right way? If not, how can I edit the Start code and save it? Thanks
  13. Thanks, I'll play with the settings tomorrow
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